Safety 1ˢᵗ® Home Safeguarding Set (80 pcs) - HS265

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Safety 1ˢᵗ® Home Safeguarding Set (80 pcs) - HS265 is available to buy in increments of 2

Dimensions Table

Package Type Units Per Height Width Weight Cubic UPC
Each 1
11.89 in.
30.20 cm.
11.97 in.
30.40 cm.
2.31 lb.
1.05 g.
0.24 ft.
0.01 m.
Inner Pack 2
11.80 in.
29.97 cm.
6.10 in.
15.49 cm.
4.00 lb.
1.81 g.
0.51 ft.
0.01 m.
Case 12
18.70 in.
47.50 cm.
25.30 in.
64.26 cm.
26.20 lb.
11.88 g.
3.48 ft.
0.10 m.
Imperial in., ft., lb.
Metric cm., m., g.
  • Essential safety items for multiple rooms
  • 4 Cabinet Slide Locks for preventing access to double door cabinets
  • 6 Grip 'n Twist Door Knob Covers to keep adult-only rooms off-limits
  • 30 Cabinet & Drawer Latches to help keep items inside away from curious children
  • 40 Plug Protectors for preventing access to unused outlets

The Home Safeguarding Set by Safety 1st makes it simple to include safety in your plans when preparing the nursery and other rooms of your home for your new baby. These 80 essential safety items will help you make things safer for your new bundle of joy. The set includes 40 plug protectors, 6 Grip 'n Twist Door Knob covers, 30 Cabinet & Drawer Latches, and 4 Cabinet Slide Locks to help you secure multiple rooms in your home.

Outlets are close to the floor and easy for curious children to reach. Installing Plug Protectors helps prevent young children from accessing unused outlets, with a smooth, non-grip design and opaque color that goes unnoticed by children.

Some rooms need to be completely out of bounds to little explorers. Grip 'n Twist Door Knob Covers allow parents easy access to the door knob, but stop young children from entering the room. The covers are easily assembled around your door knob; simply click the two halves together by aligning the interlocking tabs. To use, grab the door knob through the holes in the cover and turn.

Cabinets contain cookies, snacks, and other food that children shouldn’t have easy access to. Install Latches on cabinets or drawers and use Cabinet Slide Locks on cabinets that are side by side. These devices help keep curious children from getting inside.

Remember, safeguarding the home early will help make things easier for the whole family as your child grows. Begin by preparing the nursery before baby arrives; and the kitchen, bathroom, and other common areas before your baby starts crawling.

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