We Contribute to LIFE

We put our heart and soul into our mission to Care for Precious Life. We want to make a difference in family homes across the world. This is how we contribute to LIFE.


We lead our market into the future. Agility and a strong connection with our consumers are characteristics of our work. We embrace change continuously, we are first and we are fast. We raise the bar on safety, design and innovation.


We feel responsible for future generations. We strive to improve the lives of families, we have our consumers at heart. We place a high value on social and ecological awareness and our sustainable approach.

At Dorel Juvenile Europe, our safe, practical products have taken care of precious life for years. And now we want to go even further - to protect the wider environment of children so that they have a beautiful, healthy, sustainable world to grow up and live in.


We believe work should be fun! We create challenging opportunities for our people.

We co-operate and empower one another, building trust and high-performing teams. Cultural diversity is our asset. Together, we are building the Dorel Juvenile of tomorrow.


We go for the best every day! We are driven to improve our results, work cost-effectively, and always hold ourselves accountable for our decisions and commitments.

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