U.S. Patent Marking and Notice Under 35 U.S.C. §287(a)

A Dorel Juvenile patented product may be covered by one or more of the following patents, as well as other corresponding foreign patents. Dorel may not provide marking for all of its patents. A patented article may be sold individually or as a part of a combination product or system, with the associated patent numbers applying to both cases.

Product Name Brand Model Number Associated U.S. Patents/Publications
Magellan 5-in 1 Car Seat Maxi Cosi CC197; CC209 7,445,286
UltraMax 360 4-in-1 Convertible Car Seat Safety 1st CC167 9,592,752
Grow & Go Car Seat Safety 1st CC138 9,878,643
Grow & Go Car Seat Safety 1st CC161; CC190 10,124,702
Ready to Install To of Stairs Gate Safety 1st GA110 10,107,030
Simple Secure Doorway Gate Safety 1st GA087 9,366,074
Easy Grip Toilet Lock Safety 1st HS247; HS283 9,938,757
Outsmart™ Flex Lock Safety 1st HS271 10,364,595
Outsmart™ Slide Lock Safety 1st HS272 10,364,595
Outsmart™ Knob Covers Safety 1st HS273 10,294,697
Outsmart™ Multi-Use Lock Safety 1st HS270 10,364,595
Outsmart™ Toilet Lock Safety 1st HS288 10,364,595
Secure Mount Cabinet Lock Safety 1st HS262 10,221,594
Top of Mattress Bed Rail Safety 1st BR017 6,934,984
Secure Click Top of Mattress Bed Rail Safety 1st BR018 6,934,984
Advanced Solutions One Way Nasal Aspirator Safety 1st IH198 9,656,005
Fever Light or Quick Read Thermometer Safety 1st TH085 9,791,324
Music & Lights Walker Disney WA056; WA060; WA062; WA067 8,894,078
Here I Grow Walker Tiny Love WA077 2019/0090648
Lila Stroller Maxi-Cosi CV324 10,293,843
Coral XP Maxi-Cosi IC370 9,315,124
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